Thage Montecarlo

Stage Manager / Production Designer

Thage Montecarlo's exposure and training include P.E.T.A. ( Philippine Education Theater Association ) - Workshop Training for Acting/Singing. Theater and Production were studied at California State University-Long Beach for the Arts with special emphasis on Theater Management Implementation. At the Bay areas Thage became an active Branching out further into the realm of Music, opportunities taken & achievements attained include being involved in several Concerts and Musicals in the US and Philippines. Awards and Recognitions include DBP Bank of the Philippines Winner for Best Song Adaptation for " Tatak ng Filipino " - Grand Prize Winner. Fil-Am Veterans Award in Los Angeles, CA. Comedian of the Year 2001 and Entertainer of the Year 2006 at Ednas Ichiban Library. Comedian of the Year by Gawad Parangal, 2006.

In the realm of Television, experiences include being an entertainment news correspondent on channel 18 L.A. Kababayan, TV guesting on Adobo Nation, an autobiographical documentary on GMA-7 & an interview on ABS-CBN to promote the civil & human rights of members of the L.G.B.T. community.

Preparations are in the making for a lifelong dream to establish a Theater Company. Amidst the many magical journeys along the way in various fields of the Arts, perhaps one of the most inspiring ventures has been taking on the roles of Co-Creator & Director of Ichiban Idol. The annual singing competition takes place at Cache Creek Casino & Resort & showcases the aspirations of a wide variety of people in the Filipino American community. Transformational creativity takes flight throughout this culturally fulfilling project.

Thage continues to collaborate with fellow Artists in the San Francisco Bay Area via Ichiban Library. There, in addition to singing & comedy performances on a regular basis for the past ten years, the roles of Director & Logistic have also been taken.

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