Fe de los Reyes

Many people who see Fe for the first time, are amazed with her energy, and ability to switch from funny girl to broadway singer, and prance across the stage and break into choreographed dance, all without missing a beat (unless that's part of the comedy routine). Such talent, these same people marvel, and they are genuinely surprised to learn how long she has been a professional entertainer.

A multi- media artist, Fe started her professional career in 1979 as a member of Music and Magic, the Philippine's premier showband in the 80's, credited with highly successful performances in Manila, the Asian circuit and North American cities. She turned solo in 1987 and became much sought for her unique one-woman comedy cum dance-musical acts, acts that she updates and performs to this day. She's appeared in top venues like Carnegie Hall, MGM Grand, SF Civic Center, Shrine Auditorium, and many more. Staying true to her filipino roots, she's reached out to a diverse world audience, easily wowing crowds from 200 to 20,000.

Fe de los Reyes is a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines. As a working student, Fe divided her time with studies, the Ateneo Glee Club, and singing backup for then-unknown Kuh Ledesma who later became a top recording star and "Pop Diva." After graduating and earning a degree in A.B. Economics, Fe plunged headlong into a career as an entertainer with Kuh's back-up band. The band came into its own as the Music and Magic, and for the next seven years became the Philippines' number one showband. The group disbanded in 1986 when Fe and band members decided to launch solo careers.

From the outset, Fe's career stood out as exceptional and most exciting. Hers was a total act combining stand-up comedy with singing and dancing, a genre known as "comedy cabaret". The proponents of this art form are largely American---Carol Burnett, Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin, to name a few. From this influence, she infused her pinoy brand of humor to claim a style that's uniquely her own. Fe has starred in several feature films and television shows in the Philippines where she has exhibited high professional standards, rare artistry and exemplary discipline. As a professional in film, this included jobs stretching the gamut from acting to drama coach for the lead actors in the preliminary workshops conducted to prepare the actors for their roles. She is conversant both in the Viola Spolin and Eric Morris approach to acting.

Fe is arguably the Philippine's top female singer-comedienne, a parody paramour who in 1993 left her flourishing showbiz career and home in Manila, to come to the US to search for a sister she has never met, start a family of her own and pursue a dream of making it in America. No small goals. Along the way, Fe had to contend with US Immigration, and those experiences are given new life in her show "Amerikana ...Made in the Philippines" , a stage musical comedy production based loosely on her life story now on its third version and still developing. Fe is no stranger when it comes to making light of things bigger than herself, things she clearly does not understand or at least pretends not to. This musical told a tale about uprooting from Manila and coming to America, in search of fame and fortune and finding --- a sister that she learned about and has not met. If that wasn't remarkable enough, Fe also portrayed illegal immigration -- hardly a topic to poke fun or sing about ---- based on her own experience with her lapsed immigration status in the 90s. In a dramatic real-life twist ---you can't make this up--- Fe found an appreciative audience in no less than the US government, who in 1995, granted her permanent residency status in the US as a person of Extraordinary Ability. She became a citizen in 2002.

Fe also starred in the award-winning Filipino American film THE DEBUT (2000, Columbia Tri-Star), playing Tita Alice.

Fe's ongoing project is Fe'sbook- her inimitable take on a topic of truly worldwide proportion --- Fe's Book is a collection of spiels, spoofs and song parodies in typical Fe fashion, about the social networking phenomenon and the world 'wild' web. Fe'sbook has been staged in several cities including San Francisco, Arizona , Los Angeles and New York.

Today, a busy artist and homemaker Fe continues to do what she loves best... and that is making people happy.

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