Ellona Santiago

Since the age of 3, Ellona developed a love and passion for dancing and modeling, most especially on singing. Through the art of song and dance, she feels a great satisfaction in sharing her talents with others. Acting has become another passion. A graduate from Barbizon Modeling School, she has performed in numerous events such as Fil-Am concerts all over USA, Corporate Events in the Philippines and guested on Local TV Networks there. Ellona became an integral part of the on-going musical show called Amerikana starring Fe de los Reyes as Little Rachel. She is also currently a member of the OLGC Children's Choir in San Leandro, CA. She is the first Ichiban Idol Champion 2010 and was the lead singer of a group called inTENsity in the show The XFactor USA Season One 2011. Starting off as a soloist, Ellona and her group became one of the finalists, top 12. She recently performed in her very first major birthday concert at the BAL theater in San Leandro . Now 16 years old she continues to develop and master her skills. Ellona is truly an adorable young talent. Say not the least acquires a powerful voice in a tiny bundle.

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